Who We Are

Established in 2006, SG Heating & Cooling is a family-owned business serving homeowners, landlords, and businesses in Waterford, Michigan and its surrounding areas. Whether you’re concerned about heating, cooling, energy saving, or other comfort issues, you can trust our indoor air quality experts to satisfy your needs.

Our professional staff has more than 50 years of experience in installing and maintaining HVAC systems. We are the ones you can depend on to work diligently and honestly. It’s not just our motto—it’s the foundation of our business.


Our Competitive Edge

From the beginning, we wanted our company to be different from the rest of our competitors. After having spent several years working for other heating and cooling companies, we became alarmed by the trends in the industry.

“Increase sales,” “raise your prices,” and “make every employee a sales person” became the common operating statements of businesses. This leads us to the biggest fraud of all: instead of providing repairs, service technicians are now paid to sell replacement furnaces and air conditioners.

In the 1980s, a major manufacturer began to promote a unique sales technique—to have technicians sell replacement equipment. The rationale was that a service technician had the unquestioned trust of a customer.

Since companies make a lot more money by selling their clients a new system rather than fix the old one, this approach was adopted over the next couple of decades. To generate even more sales and profit, company owners or managers pressure technicians to sell more.

Their business’ guidelines specifically state that a customer is to be advised to replace their systems if a repair, regardless of its level, is needed as long as the equipment is more than 10 years old. The goal set for each personnel is to turn at least one in 10 service calls into sales leads, with a commission for every unit sold.

In turn, service technicians get caught up in the quest for more money. Some diagnostic problems that do not actually exist are posed just to earn a commission. This is how “cat toys in furnaces” and “chipmunks with attitude and power drills” became major problems.


Why Choose Us

It is our philosophy at SG Heating & Cooling to not only acquire new customers but also keep them. Rest assured that no one in our service department profits through the underhanded strategies mentioned previously.

We offer free second opinions for compressors or heat exchangers that have been diagnosed to be not working properly. Even then, we double-check ourselves to make sure that we have made the correct analysis.

If a mistake has been made, you can trust that it was an honest one and that we will take responsibility for it. Furthermore, we will offer you the lowest possible prices for any service you require. We are and will always be the best value in town.